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SINCE 1977

Adonis Mitzelos is one of the most acclaimed Greek composers and guitarists, with a distinctive sound and style, international presence and acceptance. Hundreds are his well-known solos in Greek and foreign discography. In the 1980s, in addition to his fast speed playing, he brought and developed in Greece for the first time techniques such as Tapping, Floyd rose tremolo and Violin-volume gtr.


He has played in over 3,500 live performances internationally and in about 2,500 recorded songs in Greek discography as a musician. He has received 16 platinum and 10 gold discs. As a composer and guitarist he has played in many Ethnic-Jazz Festivals such as the Pirineos Sur Festival in Spain, Hemispheres Festival in Sydney Australia, France, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand, Tasmania, Denmark, Great Britain, Holland, Israel, USA, Romania, Germany, Finland, Portugal etc.  Among his top performances were the concerts at SFINGS FESTIVAL, WOMAD Festivals and MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL in Switzerland (Verve night - Miles Davis Hall) with Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Mari Boine and John McLaughlin - Remember Shakti.


He has collaborated with notable Greek and international artists (musicians, singers, lyricists, directors, actors). His latest project is called Kitharodia and is devoted to the diffusion  of "fine guitar playing". Today, he continues to write music and songs, to perform in Greece and abroad, to collaborate with young artists, musicians and performers and of course to give beautiful songs to famous Greek singers.

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