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SINCE 2012

{Kitharodia: Song with guitar accompaniment. One performer is performing all roles: composer, guitarist, singer.}


Kitharodia Project by Adonis Mitzelos becomes an opportunity for the most subversive encounter - meeting point of rock, classic and ethnic music


Adonis Mitzelos meets on stage with Greek and foreign artists, guitar virtuosos, bold companions in this musical adventure. With a willingness to dialogue and improvisation, they try together to communicate with each other, but also with viewers - companions of a highly musical experience, the result of the exceptional technical and expressive abilities of the artists. With their guitars, electric, acoustic and classic, a world together and no longer apart, they present and improvise on songs / known compositions by Adonis Mitzelosand selections s from the Greek and international rock & jazz repertory.


Performances take place in theaters, archaeological sites and art venues such as: the Archaeological Museum of Athens with the young choral ensemble Envseissi 60 people under the direction of Elena Kantari, Vasilis Lekkas and soprano Mariantis Sondakis, the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, Pnyka (without sound and lighting support), the Basilica of St. Mark / Heraklion, the Bourtzi / Skiathos Theater, the Medieval Larnaca Castle, the Museum of Manos & Anastasia Faltaki in Skyros.


Kitharodia Project by Adonis Mitzelos includes performances in major cities of Greece, Europe and America, in theaters and music stages, seminars in conservatories and other places, meetings with other notable artists but also viewers of this experience, as well as young students / students of music.

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