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1980 - 1988

In 1980, at the prompting of Stavros Arapakis, Adonis meets Lavrentis Machiritsas at  Sousouro stage, where he played with Thanos Hadrian and Aliki Kagialoglou. They set up the PLG band playing progressive rock with Byzantine influences. After many difficulties, they release in Europe (Vertigo, 2002) the instrumental album Armaggedon, which also contained verses from John's Revelation. Sound engineer: Johnny Allen (Vavouras). While initially regarded as a commercial failure, it later became world-widely acclaimed. Today it is a vinyl collection (and extremely expensive) in foreign markets.

American and European critics feature Armageddon as a masterpiece and one of the best Progressive rock records ever recorded:

"The album Armageddon is a dark flipped out druggy prog masterwork."

"The stunning surrealistic cover art is in the vein of Salvador Dali. Perhaps his mind reigns over this album? "

"The album" Armageddon "is one of the most original progrock albums ever made. If you want a psychedelic experience without drugs, this one is yours!"

Erik Neuteboom, The NETHERLANDS.


In the following years PLJ Band is renamed Termites. Following Yiannis Petridis, they leave Polygram and sign with the independent record label Virgin.


The Song of the Night in the 1986 Cement Trains album is the result of the collaboration of Termites with the unique Flery Dantonakis, with whom they gave concerts and a series of live performances at the historical music scene Zygos in Plaka. In the same album there is also the song Hard Music, for which Adonis Mitzelos wrote the lyrics.


Termites record at Sierra Studio and initially collaborate with the sound engineer Akis Golfidis and later with Kostas Kalimeris. Producer of all the Greek-language albums recorded by the Termites was Yannis Doulamis, while the greatest volume of lyrics were written by poets Michalis Marmatakis, Xenophon Broutzakis and Haris Kafetzopoulos. They also featured Charles Bukowski and François Villon. A total of 13 albums have been released over a period of 10 years (5 studio, 2 live, 7 collections and 5 participations), creating a unique musical idiom in Greek song scene. Termites hold the country's rock sound in their hands for a decade. They give concerts in clubs (Kyttaro, Rodeo, Lydia, Tiffanys etc) and big stages. Their top concerts were those at the Lycabettus Theater and in SEF. they collaborate with: Giorgos Dalaras, Flery Dantonakis, Pavlos Sidiropoulos, Antonis Vardis, Sakis Boulas, Katsimihas brothers, Giannis Yokarinis, Sofia Vossou, Vassilis Papakonstantinou and others.


In 1988 they make a great tour in stages and big theaters along with Haroula Alexiou and Thanos Mikroutsikos, they release the album Waiting for the Rain with songs like Queen of Silence and How Much I Want You.


Termites break up in 1988, at the peak of their career, leaving back a myth around their name.

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